Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: i dont need a baby sitter Chapter 1

Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: i dont need a baby sitter Chapter 1

You are Timmy, you are 15 now and I have absolutely NO idea how old Vicky is you still have Wanda and Cosmo, youve got taller and sexier. Youre also a hell of a lot braver.

Start!! :

How come Im ALWAYS ignored? HELLO! I dont need babysitting anymore! you yell at the top of your voice as Vicky enters the room. Get away from me.

Shut up ass.

HAVE FUN TIMMY!! your mum screams as your dad drags her out the front door. You groan loudly and slump in front of the T.V. Vicky see you and smirks then opens her mouth to yell at you but you beat her to it.

No! Im not moving icky!

TWERP MOVE! Wait what?

Im sitting here.

She looks stunned and you realise that this is the first time in ages she has seen let alone babysit you. She takes to squeezing on the edge of the sofa. She gazes at the T.V which has scrubs playing.

Were watching this?!

No I am. Go away. You replied cunningly. You kick her off the sofa and she lands with an OMPH! god I cant believe I was scared of you!

Timmy what the hell has happen to you?

Whadda ya mean?

youre kinda cute and strong not weak

CUTE! you sit straight up and stare into her eyes

Did I say that bit out loud? she looks back into your eyes and you feel the blood going to your cheeks. You nod slowly. She blushes now and turns away. For a few minutes all you can hear is the T.V until you hear Vicky stand up you peer over to her and you get the shock of youre life shes smiling ear to ear and looking directly at you.Timmy can y-you walk me home? she looks incredibly small and timid.

o-ok when? My parents don-

Now like you said you dont need me anymore


well Im only here because I wanted to see if you were still the weedy lil idiot, and youre um not.

you dont mean youre leaving because you think Im m-mature do you?

Timmy. Im being nice for the first time in my life to you. Please take me seriously. PLEASE!


ITS BEEN 3 HOURS OF NO STOP PARTING OVA HERE EH! HAHA! you mum and dad stumble in drunk and you look at Vicky pleading for her help to get them to bed she nods and helps them upstairs. She l-likes me?

Timmy ready to walk me home yet?

oh Yea of course you run to the front door pulling on a pink jacket as she pulls her green one on. She smirks again and walks out the door. You follow.


Yea Tim?

Tim? Oh why did you want me to walk you back?

No reason.

Vicky were here

She turns to look at her house. Then she turns to you and:


what? Youre cute Timmy. I never noticed it before. But you are, so shut up and-



hes not youre brat watch! Vicky slams her lips onto youre and then you kiss back loving every moment of it. Tootie runs off crying but you dont feel bad, you feel happy you have Vicky.

Thus is the end of my rather crappy love story. If you want more tell me

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