FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: As long as you love me Chapter 1

FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: As long as you love me Chapter 1

So this is my second
story, I’m still working on my first, but taking a break for awhile.
In this story, Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda tell how they first
and to be honest, in my first story no matter how many reveiws I
don’t get,I always finish my story.

“I’m sooo sorry
honey! I didn’t know!” wailed Anti Wanda.

“This is the 300th
time you didn’t know it was our anniversery.” said Anti Cosmo

“It’s not my fault! I
have short and long term memory loss.” said Anti Wanda.

“What are you two
fighting about?” said Anti Maldovia.

Suddenly they burst out
laughing. Anti Maldovia just looked at them, creeped out.

“Gee Mom and Dad, I
thought you were arguing and now you two are laughing like you’ve
just told a really good joke.” said Anti Maldovia.

“Everyone knows that
the 10,000 anniversery is the false argument on forgeting the
anniversery.” said Anti Cosmo.

Anti Maldovia blinked.
Just exactly how old were her parents?

“Oh, that reminds me,
we never told ya how we met.” said Anti Wanda.

“That’s right, and
how we fell in love.” said Anti Cosmo.

“You know, I love
happy endings and all, but I got to-” began Anti Maldovia going
into her room, but Anti Wanda stopped her.

“Oh, common, please,
we’ll tell you just a little bit.” said Anti Wanda.

Anti Maldovia rolled her
eyes. “Alright, but just a little bit.”

“Alright where do we
begin?” asked Anti Cosmo.

“Lets begin with
you.” said Anti Wanda to Anti Cosmo.

End Chapter

So this is the
beginning but it will get better. Tell me what you think should be in
here and what should be improved but be nice!

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