Fairly Odd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Buddies Join The Soiree Chapter 15

Fairly Odd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Buddies Join The Soiree Chapter 15

Disclaimer- Same as the last chapter, and the chapter before that, and the chapter before that…

Crocker suddenly floored it and startled Jess. She suspected he had seen her. She turned off the time circuits and drove just as fast bringing the DeLorean farther into the air. They both took turns sharply, but the sharp curves gave the flying DeLorean an advantage, as it banked left and right but the van was forced to slow down to take the curves without flipping. On a straight away the van gained some speed, but Crocker didnt know it ended in a sharp curve. The van careened into the brush.

The DeLorean fishtailed. Jess looked out the window to see Crocker was unharmed but running through the brush in an attempt to loose her. She raced back to the junction with the main road and landed the DeLorean. She scanned a panel in the back and pushed a button. Unseen but usefully the license plate flipped to reveal a period valid one. Unfortunately she had to obey the traffic laws or risk being caught by the police. She eventually made it to the towns center. Carefully parking behind town hall, she waited, steaming.

Jessica watched for any sign of the DeLorean. After a few minutes she found one. The nose of the car was sticking out from behind town hall. Cmon she said quietly Jess is here.

They cautiously made their way to the DeLorean. Jess threw open the door as soon as she saw them. Get in! She said franticly We may have already lost him!

The three got in and they sped, as best they could without getting caught, back to where Crocker had escaped.

Jess parked the DeLorean off the edge of the road and the trio got out. They set off following the path Crocker had made. Jess and Jessica were quicker and a bit more agile than Timmy, causing him to be a bit behind them.

Then they heard it. So what do you think little fairy?

Jess warned the other two not to move and to be quiet. They listened to the rest of the conversation.

You dont know what I want to think. Wanda replied bravely. She seemed to have noticed them.

Luckily Crocker hadnt. Well, youre going to be stuck with me for a while. He said maliciously.

Timmy waved his hands to get Jesss attention. Unfortunately he had gotten someone elses attention too. Crocker looked over at them. Who are you?!

Timmy panicked. Jess! Here! He tossed her the small electric pistol from before.

Jess caught it and fumed. Great, out cover was exposed. She muttered under her breath as she pointed the gun at Crocker. Put the fairy down, and put up your hands. She demanded, moving directly in front of him.

Why- Crocker started but was immediately cut off by Timmy. Do it!

He reluctantly put down the butterfly net and put his hands up. Jessica retrieved the net and handed it to Timmy.

The three backed off but Jess kept the gun pointed in his direction. Finally, when she decided she was far enough away, she took down the gun, put it in her pocket, and ran with the others.

A split second later, Timmy saw something wiz past his head. The something turned out to be a bullet that shattered a tree branch.

Great Scott! Hes taking pot shots at us!

The trio ran faster, trying to reach the DeLorean.

After a few more near misses, a bullet finally made contactwith Jessicas back.

Timmy and Jess saw their comrade fall and froze. Crocker noticed this and stopped shooting, grinning manically.

Jess immediately knelt next to Jessica as Timmy confronted Crocker.

Timmy & Crocker:

Timmy walked up to Crocker, who had dropped the gun. What is wrong with you!? He demanded. Crocker was frozen, dumbfounded. He wasnt trying to kill them, just hit one in the arm maybe, and get the fairy back. Whats wrong with you?! Timmy demanded again.

Crocker stuttered. What happened to me? He muttered frozen.

They stood there, staring at each other for a few minutes, oblivious to what ever else happened. Jess came up next to Timmy, pulled out the pistol, cranked up the intensity, and shot Crocker square in the chest.

Jess and Jessica:

I just got out, I dont want to die. Jessica lay paralyzed on the ground. She saw Jess and Timmy skid to a stop and look back at her. Just go, dont get shot. She couldnt talk because she was wracked with pain. The beatings she had endured at the asylum were nothing compared to this.

Jess knelt by Jessica. We just got you out of there! She exclaimed, frustrated.

Jessica managed to get one thing out. Just get him back for me. She hacked up some blood.

If the space time continuum wasnt at stake, hed be good as dead. Jess hissed.

Jessica managed to laugh. At least I went out with a bang. Those were the last words she ever said.

Jess watched her other self pass and felt the rage build up. She stood up stiffly and pulled the electricity gun, turned up the intensity, then shot Crocker.

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