FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Forever living Chapter 1

FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Forever living Chapter 1


have problems coping with my fears and worries and the worries of my
family. Then there is that constant giggling that is in my head
saying, I wont leave you. And there is nothing I can do
about it. After Tooties funeral Wanda said that Cosmo was a very,
unique fairy but up until then, I had no idea what she meant.

may not believe me when I say this, or perhaps you think I am joking
but, Cosmo
killed Tootie. He
stands with me all day and I feel his little green eyes boring into
mine. I now risk jail as the blame rest on my shoulders, as he and I
fit the same description: – lets excuse the fact that he is a
fairy with magical powers while I am only a ten year old boy.

I am
quite upset about Tooties death. She was the only one who believed
in me Cosmo said she knew too much. He said she knew who he was
and what he had done.

glow from a wand, a faint rattle and I know I am no longer alone in
the graveyard even though its been roughly an hour after
everyone left, someone hasnt gone and I feel that someone
watching I glance around, prepared for what Im about to see and
there, standing by the headstone, is him. The little fairy that has
destroyed my hopes and dreams, because, he says, Fairyworld destroyed

living, he whispers, advancing on me, so I hear his breath, feel
his evil

breathing, even when you cannot

reaches out and grabs my arm I feel his little fingers digging
into my flesh. A single tear drips down my face. A tear that couldve
been prevented, had I been nicer to him I stay, staring at
Tooties headstone, as her blood begins to form words:-

let me suffer

know it is Cosmo doing this, telling me things I dont want to
hear, showing me, his remorse reflected in my eyes

turn around and for a minute, he lifts his head and I see his eyes,
looking at me the moment his pale green eyes lock with mine, I

Turners eyes jerk open and he stared around the little room
Was it all a dream? he wonders. But
then, he sees the bars, feels the slam of the cell door, reflected in
his thudding heart. There, standing, with him in the shadows, is the
little fairy that can never die

as he hears the laugh that will forever torment him,
Timmy takes out his razor and tries to end this madness

By ending
his life

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