FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Mates Join The Soiree Chapter Ten

FairlyOdd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Mates Join The Soiree Chapter Ten

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Just calm down or nothings going to get done. Jess said firmly.

Timmy was surprised. I dont think I want to see her hen shes mad. He thought.

When I realized what happened I went to the library to find out how it happened. When I got there it was boarded up, shut down. So I broke in, and borrowed some newspapers. She paused, shook her head, and went back to talking. I did some of my reading there, and thats how I got hurt.

Timmy nodded, only then realizing she had a black eye, and feeling bad he hadnt noticed.

So, apparently a guard saw my flashlight and decided to check out what the light was, I got into a scuffle for a few seconds, and then got him with the sleep inducer. Jess finished. But I did figure out what happened to drive the timeline into this, this, world.

Well what is it? Timmy asked impatiently.

Ok. Jess paused and looked around for a second, then found a small whiteboard she remembered was once on the wall. Look. This line represents time. She drew a straight line across the board. This is the future, She wrote future on the far right of the line. This is the past, She wrote past on the far left. And two thousand seven is some where in here. She wrote 2007 in the middle of the line. Some time in the past, She pointed to a point between past and 2007 The timeline skewed into this tangent, creating this alternate time line. She drew a diagonal line down and then a line across. She wrote 2007-A in the middle. Alternate to you, me, Cosmo, Wanda, and Jake, but reality to everyone else. Look what I found, how Crocker became powerful, She brought an old, yellowed, newspaper over and lie it on the table. Look.

Timmy looked over her shoulder. The date on the newspaper was May, 22 1999. On the front page it screamed:


Man proves fairies exist and uses power to take over world.

The headline was accompanied by a picture of Crocker in a ruler of the universe outfit holding a scepter, with a certain pink haired fairy inside.

Wanda?! Timmy exclaimed. But how?

Im afraid she faired the best. Jess non-answered handing over another newspaper. It said:


The girl exhibited psychotic and violent behavior to orderlies.

Timmy decided to read some of the article aloud. Eleven year old Jessica Witherspoon was committed to Dimsdale Sanitarium after exhibiting psychotic behavior He read the rest of the article in silence, mostly because he couldnt pronounce some of the words.

Doctors believe she may have Conduct disorder, Oppositional Defiant disorder, SchizophreniaSchizoaffective disorder, and bipolar disorder. They have yet to perform professional tests but are sure of at least three.

Dr. Truidy says Miss Witherspoon will no longer be a menace to society.? Timmy asked, turning to see Jess looking for something.

I could almost bet my other self was acting like that because she was right. This world ruled by Crocker, she must have known this was an alternate timeline. I dont think I could think this was reality.

Timmy looked at Jess. Wait, you said Wanda was captured by Crocker, youre committed, what happened to me? He asked cautiously.

Jess turned to him. Do you really want to know? she asked nervously. Timmy nodded. Here. She handed him another newspaper with a gulp.

Timmy cautiously took the paper. His eyes widened in horror as he read the headline.


A house fire kills three local boys and one of the boys parents.

Below the headline was a picture of AJs charred house.

Timmy looked up at Jess who nodded.

Three local children AJ Fredrick, Timmy Turner, and Chester McBadbat, along with Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick died in a house fire late last night.

Timmy couldnt keep reading. He blankly put the newspaper down. I guess Wanda did get off the best.

Well, this isnt our universe and we need to get back. You up to helping me get out of here? Jess asked, finally done looking around.

Timmy looked up at Jess. Anything to keep this from being our home, it may be the present but we can fix it. He paused Right?

Jess nodded her head. We can fix it, but well fade out in a week.

Timmy nodded back. Well, lets go.

We cant. We dont know when Crocker got a hold on Wanda. Well never be able to stop the actual take over. Itd be suicide.

Well how do we find out?

Ill ask him.

Timmy suddenly had an idea. Wait! Before you go and get yourself killed, why dont you get Jake to change it all back?

We cant, again. Jess sighed. One, its a whole different universe we cant change the past using strictly magic, this is a whole other timeline, the one were from no longer exists, thats why well fade out. Two, Jake went to find out what state of security Crockers palace has and hes way overdue to get back here, so I wouldnt be surprised if he got caught. She explained.

Timmy looked at her incredulously. And youre not worried?! He demanded.

Yes! Im worried as heck! But if we fix everything theyll simply pass through as the timeline changes, theyll have no memory of this horrible place or what went on here. Jess fumed. Her voice quieted at the end. Now listen, this labs equipped enough to build a basic weapon or two to protect me when I go up against Crocker, are you going to help me or do I need to do it myself?

Ill help you. Timmy said quietly. Jess had just shown him getting her angry was not smart.

Great. Jess smiled.

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