Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Mates Join The Soiree Chapter Six

Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Mates Join The Soiree Chapter Six

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So you were the one making all that noise! Timmy said accusingly.

Sorry! Its required to propel a vehicle of a large size through time and space. Jess said with a sigh. She carefully landed the DeLorean in an out-of-the-way alley

So this is the future?! Timmy asked excitedly.

Yup, but listen, dont touch anything, buy anything, or talk to anyone unless you have my permission. Im not trying to sound like an adult but Ive a feeling you havent been to the future before and it can be dangerous if you dont know your way around. Jess paused, God, Jake youre right I am turning into Doc.

Told you so. Jake said smugly.

Wanda looked at Timmy from her position as his watch. Wow, this girl seems really smart, maybe she could help you in school. She whispered.

How come I havent seen her in school then? Timmy asked back. She cant be more than two years older than me; I should have run into her sometime, somethings fishy.

Jess spoke. Jake we need an outfit change for both of us. She paused, Cool with that? She added to Timmy.

Timmy and Jake nodded.


Suddenly Timmys clothes had changed. He had a pair of yellow pants with black stripes down the sides, a pink and purple striped polo shirt and a color changing ball cap.

Jesss clothes had changed too. She was wearing a pair of dark green cargo pants, a white T-shirt, yellow Hawaiian shirt with cowboys chasing a train imprinted all over it and the driving glasses were on her head. She had an analog watch on her left wrist.

Cosmo and Wanda were watches on Timmys wrists, one pink analog, and one green digital. Jake was a watch on Jesss left wrist, a black and silver calculator one.

All right, you want to grab something to eat before I get what we came here for? Jess asked reaching into the back of the DeLorean.

Sure! Where at? Im starving. Timmy looked out the window into the town.

Theres a little caf in the center of town. Jess pulled out a suitcase. We need some money. She opened the suitcase and it contained money from different time periods. She took some out from the pocket labeled 2010. This should be enough. She stuffed it into her pocket.

Jess threw open her door.

Do we have to get out now? Its still raining. Timmy asked.

Jess turned on the radio.

Youre listing to WKBB, Brightburgs station for weather. The rain will be ending today at 12:02:10 then well have clear skies and bright sunlight.

She flipped off the radio then looked at her watch. Wait 10 more seconds. Ten seconds passed and the rain immediately cleared up leaving just wet streets. Right on the tick! Amazing simply amazing! Now if only the post office was as efficient as the weather service.

You quoted the movie again. Jake said from his position as her watch.

Oh be quiet. Jess stepped out of the DeLorean looking up and down the alley then checking her pockets to make sure she still had the two things she meant to, the sleep inducer and her binocular pad.

Timmy followed closing the door and looking around immediately. Whoa. He gaped openly.

Whoa indeed. Jess reached back inside the DeLorean, took the keys out of the ignition, shoved them in her pocket, turned off the Flux Capacitor, tossed her driving glasses on the seat, and shut the door. Cmon its not far, just around the block. After making sure the DeLorean was locked she walked out of the alley, immediately blending in.

Timmy struggled to keep up, Jesss stride longer than his. Whats the place called? He asked curiously, still looking around and taking it all in.

Ricks. Jess noticed Timmys strange look. Hey I didnt name it.

Timmy nodded as the came up on the diner. It was a shabby place; some of the hanon (the new neon) was not working and falling off the sign. He gave Jess another odd look.

Its cheep and the foods decent. She shrugged and opened the door letting Timmy in first. She followed taking a seat at the counter.

Timmy continued gaping, even though the place was falling apart it was still pretty high-tech by his standards.

An electronic menu folded out of the counter in front of each of them. As Jess started ordering Timmy gave her a help! look.

Its a touch pad, just touch what you want. Jess elaborated, not taking her eyes off the screen. She continued ordering selecting a chicken strips platter including fries and a Pepsi. Her total came to $ 41.09. She quickly fed the bills and coins into the slots, sighing at the inflation.

Timmy looked at the pad, determined to figure it out. He eventually managed to order a cheeseburger, fries, and a Pepsi. His total came to $45.36. He gasped thinking he had done something wrong, but before Jess glanced over at his total and handed him a $50. He carefully slid it into the slot and waited for the change that came out the same slots, but backwards.

The two Pepsis came up out of the counter. Jess opened hers with ease, being used to the futuristic technology.

Timmy on the other hand, set the change on the table and stared at the Pepsi.

After taking a sip Jess noticed Timmy staring at the drink. Press the tab. She said simply.

Timmy tried this, and succeeded, the drinks top unfolded revealing a straw. So why havent I seen you around school?

Jess went a little rigged. Uh, well She glanced down at Jake who offered no help. I kinda, sorta, got expelled. She said quietly.

Timmys eyes went wide as dinner plates. Expelled? How? When? No ones been expelled at Dimsdale for seven years!

Exactly, that was me. Jess said slouching a bit.

Timmys mouth was hanging open. But youre only-

-thirteen. Jess finished for him. I was advanced four grades and got expelled when I was in fifth grade so Ive been in Cyber School since, thats also why they wont advance anyone else.

Wait, fifth is Mr. Crockers class. Timmy said, confused.

Yep, he had one of his fairies spaz outs, hit his arm off the desk, cut it open, I went to help, Waxleplax came in and blamed me. Jess shrugged. I here theres a real smart kid in your class too, should be advanced and wont do it cuz I messed up.

Jess, youre like a legend at the elementary school! Timmy exploded.

What?! Jess asked, taken aback.

Youre the only kid to ever get back at Mr. Crocker, no one knows your name, but even if you didnt do it, its still a legend! Timmy said excitedly.

Fine. Jess spat. Id like to keep it that way too if you dont mind. No one should know my name. I dont need to be abandoned by anyone else thanks.


My parents left when I was a kid and my aunt and uncle raised me, theyd go out and leave me with a babysitter, which was fine until I found out my babysitter was the devil.

Vicky. They said in unison.

You got stuck with her too? Jess asked disbelieving.

Yea, me and all my friends, she tells our parents that well end up in jail if no one watches us. Timmy said, the words spitting out of his mouth.

Same here, but I got fed up with her and built a little tazer gun thingy and threatened to use her for my next weapons project. Jess chucked coldly, That was one of the best days of my life.

Can I borrow it? Timmy asked smiling evilly.

Ill see about getting you guys out of that jam, but for now, we should eat.

Timmy turned. He hadnt even realized their food had arrived.


Denzel Crocker ran down the street. He had recently escaped from Brightburgs asylum. He had been transferred there after an attempted breakout from Dimsdale Sanitarium that had been fooled by a few pedestrians, who happened to be five people he hated. Timmy Turner, Jessica Witherspoon, Tootie McFerrin, Chester McBadbat, and AJ Fredrick. (The girls werent married at the time.) He had always wondered why they were in 1880s apparel. They had told the orderlies they were at a themed party, but Crocker had thought otherwise. They must have taken a trip to the past in a time machine made by FARIES! He ducked into an alley to avoid the guards and hid amongst packages of outdated DVDs due to be sent to a recycling plant when all of a sudden he heard voices at the other end of the alley. He turned to see two of his former students. Timmy Turner and Jessica Witherspoon, but there was a problem. Crocker did a quick calculation. Wait! They should be in their twenties! But Turner looks twelve! Unless they came from the past and that DeLorean is actually a time machine made by FAIRES! Crocker had an idea; he sat quietly waiting for the right moment.

Jess and Timmy walked back to the DeLorean after eating and sharing stories. Jess opened the door and sat in the drivers seat talking to Timmy. I didnt plan for lunch to be that much, just need to grab a little more cash before I run over to the hardware store. Can you wait here? Its just around the corner.

Timmy nodded. Youll be back quick right? This place gives me the creeps.

Yea. Itll be ten minutes tops. Jess reassured him. She reached back and took out the money suitcase and took a good wad of money from the pouch labeled 2010. She got up and shoved the money in her pocket. Be right back. She walked out of the alley and out of sight.

Crocker smirked, this would be too easy. He eased out of his hiding spot and snuck up behind Timmy. Then he realized something, his watches had faces. He jumped and landed on Turner.

Timmy immediately tried to squirm out from under Crocker but the ex-teacher was stronger. He managed to get the pink watch off of Timmy wrist after a little bit of struggling. While still holding Timmy down Crocker came up with an idea. Hed take the fairy-watch to a younger himself so he never would have been committed. He got up and dove into the DeLorean closing and locking the door from the inside, not that it mattered as he had knocked out both Cosmo and Timmy in the process. He took off flying onto the skyway and remembering how to work the time machine. (He, unfortunately, had seen Back to the Future.) He flew the DeLorean off the skyway and hit 88 going into the past.

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