Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Mates Join The Soiree Chapter 1

Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: Fresh Mates Join The Soiree Chapter 1

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He was twelve. Twelve. It felt good. Not nearly as good as he wished it did, but good none the less.


That part was the best. He knew he wouldnt loose his Fairy God Parents for a while now.

Timmy, come down for breakfast!

Timmy Turner sighed. Coming Mom He replied unenthusiastically.

That was the worst.

One more year till his parents would let him stay home alone. Wait until youre a teenager. They said. At least he still had Cosmo and

Cosmo put down the blow torch.

Timmy chuckled. Wanda. Cosmo and Wanda, his Fairy God Parents. He walked to his door stopping just before he opened it. Cosmo, Wanda! Cmon, I cant be late for school! Suddenly he had a pink watch and a green book bag.

Wanda smiled at him from her position as his watch. Happy birthday again Sport.

Yea Timmy, haaaappppyyyy birthday! Cosmo enthusiastically agreed.

Timmy laughed. Thanks guys. As he walked downstairs he briefly wondered if his parents would end up ignoring him again this year but quickly shut down that thought. He entered the kitchen to his mom pouring milk into his cereal.

Happy birthday Timmy. Mom greeted him.

Happy birthday son. Dad agreed.

Timmy smiled and sat down at his place at the table. Thanks Mom and Dad. He said cheerfully. He finished his cereal quickly and left for school.

Lunch came sooner than expected. He sat by himself as both Chester and AJ were absent that day for some reason. Man, I wish I had a triple decker ham, turkey, and ham sandwich. He opened his lunchbox to find what he had just described sitting there.

Cosmo and Wanda poofed from being stickers on Timmys lunch box to being a pencil and eraser sitting in front of him. Hey Timmy guess what we just found out! Cosmo said excitedly.

What is it Cosmo? Timmy asked quietly. After all it wouldnt be good to be seen talking to inanimate objects would it?

Remember Cupids scavenger hunt? Wanda asked.

Timmy nodded. Who could forget?

Well he invited us again this year! Cosmo said brightly, hopping up on the pencil tip.

Wow! When is it? Timmy asked.

Tomorrow morning. Its going to be another scavenger hunt too, so we better get the time scooter ready. Wanda explained.

Great, tomorrows Saturday. I hope Remy Buxaplenty wasnt invited

The rest of the day went fairly quickly. Timmy was excited about Cupids party even if it meant seeing Remy again. What he was most excited about was the possible prize. Knowing Cupid it could be anything, from 30 seconds of rule free wishing to a love arrow. He was excited, and nothing could change that.

The next morning everyone was set to go. Timmys time scooter was cleaned up so it looked a little better than before and was waiting to be poofed over by Cosmo or Wanda. He had also gotten dressed up as instructed by the invitation. Business Casual it had said. Instead of his usual pink t-shirt he had a pink polo shirt on but was still sporting the pink ball cap.

All right! Are we all set Cosmo, Wanda? Timmy asked excitedly.

All ready to go! Cosmo said raring to go.

All right, just make the wish Timmy. Wanda said smiling.

I wish we were outside Cupids fluffy house!


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