Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: The Million Buck Pixie Chapter 1

Quite Odd Parents Pornography Story: The Million Buck Pixie Chapter 1

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The Million Dollar Fairy

Remy Buxaplenty and his Fairy Godparent, Juandissimo Magnifico, were watching TV when they found another announcement of that millionaire who offered one million dollars to anyone who presents evidence of something supernatural.

Juandissimo, I dont understand. Remy said. Why dont any of these poor godkids try to score some money revealing their fairies?

Remy, the main rule about having Fairy Godparents is never revealing it to anyone. Juandissimo reminded his godchild about Da Rules.

In that case how come Timmy Turner didnt lose his Fairy Godparents when his crazy teacher discovered them? Remy asked in confusion.

Technically Seor Crocker never found out. Was Juandissimos explanation. He only suspects Timmy has fairies.

What if we tell the people about Timmys fairies? Remy asks. Then he would lose them and Id finally get my revenge.

Dont even think about doing so, Remy. Juandissimo desperately pleads. If you intentionally expose another kids fairies youll lose me and Timmy will not lose Cosmo and mi amada Wanda unless somebody who is told about them believes them to be fairies.

What if somebody trying to score that million dollar bounty decides to investigate Turner and then finds out about Cosmo and Wanda? Remy asks.

Then Cosmo and Wanda will be taken away and Timmy and whoever actually found out without being covered by the rule that allowed you and Timmy to know about each other will have their memories erased of all magical knowledege. Juandissimo explains.

Is there any way I can make it more likely to happen without violating Da Rules? Remy asks.

Juandissimo checks Da Rules and, after a closer inspection, he seems to find a way. Well, Remy, you could convince your parents to offer a million dollars to whoever proves the existence of fairies and hope this itself motivates someone to investigate Turner. Whatever happens you cant tip anyone about any specific godchild.

Well, that Mr. Crocker already suspects Turner has fairies. Remy says. And probably such reward will make him double his efforts. What if I advise people to follow him?

Juandissimo checks El Rules again. No, Remy. That would be all right.

In the next morning, people read a surprising ad at the newspapers.

Look, Timmy. Mr. Turner says with excitement. A rich guy is offering one million dollars to whoever proves the existence of Fairy Godparents.

What? Timmy yells in shock. He reads the ad and notices the reward is being offered by Mr. Buxaplenty. Remy. Timmy says in anger and then goes to his room.

Cosmo. Wanda. Whats the meaning of this? Timmy asks, desperate.

Cosmo reads the ad. Wow. Where do we get the money? He notices Timmy and Wanda glaring at him. What?

Wanda ignores Cosmo and explains to Timmy what happened. Remys Dad is offering a million dollar bounty to anyone who proves the existence of Fairy Godparents.

Is Remy involved with that? Timmy asks and then a BOOM is heard. Jorgen Von Strangle?

Yes, puny Earth kid. Jorgen answers. Remy Buxaplenty suggested this reward as part of a plan to make you lose your Fairy Godparents by having someone finding out about them.

In that case why doesnt he simply tell people about me? Timmy asks.

Because it would make him lose Juandissimo. Jorgen explains. The only reason I didnt take Cosmo and Wanda away from you as punishment for exposing Crockers fairies is the fact you didnt do it on purpose.

But what about Remy? Timmy asks. Isnt he breaking Da Rules with that?

Unfortunately Remy is being very careful about that. Jorgen explains. Because hes not tipping anybody about either you or any other godchild hes not violating any rules, yet. However hes so close to it were keeping an eye just in case he does something that allows me to interfere.

Thank you, Jorgen. Timmy says.

Youre welcome, Turner. Jorgen says and then hears some footsteps. Somebody is coming. I gotta go. Bye. He says and then BOOMs himself away, right before Timmys parents enter holding a camera.

Timmy, we heard a noise. Mrs. Turner says. Was it a fairy?

What? Timmy asks, shocked.

Well, son. Mr. Turner says. That crazy teacher of yours is always saying you have fairies. I usually think its an excuse he uses to see your Mom but for one million dollars were willing to check this out for ourselves.

Come on, Timmy. Mrs. Turner says. Make a wish and help us to get that million.

At this point, the school bus arrives and Timmy never was so happy about that. Sorry, the school bus is here. Bye. He says and then rushes to the bus, where another surprise waits for him.

Attention, passengers. The bus driver says. Here comes the fabulous Timmy Turner.

Hey, isnt Trixie Tang the one who usually gets this kind of treatment? A confused Timmy Turner asks.

Now its your chance of also becoming popular. The driver says and then produces a camera. All you have to do is reveal your Fairy Godparents to the camera.

Are you crazy? Timmy asks. I dont have Fairy Godparents.

Crocker says otherwise. The bus driver says. And for one million dollars Im willing to follow his theories.

Whatever. Timmy says. But I still dont have Fairy Godparents.

In that case, welcome the empty bus seat, Timmy Turner. The bus driver dully says.

Timmy goes to his usual seat and is now worried someone inside the bus, besides the driver, is trying to expose his fairies to get the million dollars offered by Remys Dad.

Will Timmys fairies be discovered? Will Remy officially break Da Rules? Who else will try to expose Timmys fairies? Please R&R.

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